Mixed Martial Arts Cage Training

Ancient Karate Secrets

I have had dreams of ancient masters, they gave me all the secrets to Tae Kwon Do, Shotokan, and Shorin Ryu. I am now a 20th degree black belt here to serve the public, divulging ancient texts, come learn the secrets!

Sounds silly, doesn't it? Just as bad as some strip mall karate place going off for a weekend to get "certified" in MMA. Or, worse yet, bringing in a couple of wrestlers, so now they teach striking and groundwork. You can't learn it fast. There isn't a crash course.

Can you imagine if Tae Kwon Do became popular again and all of a sudden MMA places claimed to teach TKD? Strip mall TKD schools would be in an uproar! Traditional Martial Arts take years to master, as does Mixed Martial Arts.

I know of billing companies that encourage schools to buy their "MMA Package" so they can get certified to keep up with the latest trend and get this, charge more for the upgrade!

Here at ASMA, we promise to never teach what we don't know, have limited knowledge of, or something we were able to "master" at a weekend seminar. For real MMA, backed by many years of real experience, call 952-440-5222 today!